Novigrad - trosoban stan sa POGLEDOM NA MORE!

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Šira lokacija:Novigrad

Cijena/m²:2.237,29 €

Površina:59,00 m²




Grijanje:Klima uređaj

Udaljenost do mora:900 m


U Novigradu – cca. 900 m od mora nalazi se trosoban dvoetažni stan, površine 59 m2. Stan se nalazi na drugom katu stambene zgrade. Sastoji se od dvije etaže. Donja etaža sadrži: predsoblje, dnevni boravak sa blagovaonicom, kuhinju, spavaću sobu i kupaonicu. Dok se na gornjoj etaži nalazi spavaća soba sa izlazom na terasu (9,50 m2). Sa terase pruža se prekrasan pogled na more i starogradsku jezgru grada Novigrada.

Grijanje: klima.


Ostali podaci

Ostali podaci

  • Br. spavaćih soba: 2
  • Udaljenost od centra: 900 m
  • Udaljenost do mora: 900 m
  • Godina izgradnje: 2009
  • Grijanje: Klima uređaj

Opis nekretnine

  • Blizina centra
  • Blizina dućana
  • Blizina plaže
  • Blizina škole
  • Klima uređaj
  • Namješteno
  • Pogled na more

Prostorije (objekti) uz nekretninu

  • Blagovaona
  • Dnevni boravak
  • Hodnik
  • Kuhinja
  • Kupaona
  • Parking
  • Spavaćih soba
  • Terasa, 9,50 m²


  • Građevinska dozvola
  • Uporabna dozvola
  • Vlasnički list
  • Etažirano



 This peaceful fishing village is located on the northwestern coast of the Istrian peninsula, only 25 km away from the Slovenian-Croatian border. The city has preserved its irresistible charm of the Istrian town where the tourists are happy to return beacause of its intimate atmosphere and escape from everyday life, and at the same time feel relaxed and always welcome.

Its recognizable city walls, which today are the symbol of the city, adorn the city and have preserved rich history, tradition and culture. Novigrad is first mentioned in written documents at the end of the 6th century, in the 7th century as Neapolis and later centuries like Civitas Nova, Emona and Emonia. The evidence of human settlements in this town dates back to prehistoric times, and remains of ancient Roman villas wich are still visible today. The town of Novigrad today has a church called Sv. Pelagija and Maksima, which originate from earlier Christianity. Inside the church of Sv. Pelagija is a Baroque altar under which is the romanic crypt, the only one in Istria and one of the few in Croatia.

Tourism has slowly and surely begin to evolve in this small town, and today it is the most important branch of business wich directly depends a large number of other activities. This place offers additional facilities such as restaurants offering top gastronomy, bars, many shops, a museum, a marina and many more. Walking along the promenade by listening to the sea and the breeze in the pine trees will make your stay unique. The landscapers are additionally adorned by many olive growers, and winemakers who with their quality win numerous awards.

Many visitors will simply be delighted with this little town and some in the near future will think about becoming something of a second home by buying an apartment or a house. With a varied offer of apartments in aparment buildings of modern architecture, apartments under construction, and detached, semi-detached houses in a row with beautiful sea view and the city who is easily accessible by bicycle and by foot.

Throughout the year, Novigrad has been declared one of the most desirable and most enjoyable places for quality of life, population development, economy and business. So if you prefer a peaceful way of life, this typical fishing town is an ideal place to plan your future.

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