Tar - Vabriga Realestate

The community of Tar - Vabriga is located on the western part of Istria, only 9 km from the tourist center of Poreč. The nearby to the town Poreč and the closeness to the sea make this place a tourist destination with a fascinating location. Tar - Vabriga is a small community with about 2.000 residents located on a fertile elevation, 112 meters above sea level, which slopes down to the sea from the southwest, and from the north to the Tarska valley and the estuary of the river Mirna. Today, these are two settlements that share the main road between Poreč and Novigrad.

In the southwestern part of Tar, there are many buildings as houses, flats and agricultural land with olive groves who have beautiful sea views from which one side looks to Novigrad and on the other side to Poreč.

Because of closeness to the sea, Tar and Vabriga are places where the residents mostly work in tourism (hotels, camps, apartments), fishing (oyster farming in the Santa Marina bay) and agriculture (olive growing and grapevine). Nearby is also a tourist resort Lanterna who has many accommodations with a large number of tourists every year. In the community of Tar - Vabriga the landscape is mostly rich with many planted olive groves, which families traditionally cherishing their love for the olive plants, olive oil and the land that the generations are cultivated. Just underneath the Tar, at the Larun Plantation, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) the scientists in the 1980-s who have already established that the geomorphic and climatic characteristics of this region are ideal for the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and have also confirmed a significant curiosity that is right here the northern point of Europe where oil can produce such quality, delicacy and balance.

Tar as a settlement contains a supermarket, shops, cafes, tourist agencies, petrol station, bakery, bank, post office. Everything is very affordable and nearby. In the resort, you can find many restaurants who an offering their top quality specialties, especially fish. During the summer months, there are also many tourist festivals.

The sights of this place are clearly visible traces of the dinosaur rate for the past sixty million years, discovered mammoth bones, the walls of prehistoric people. In the church of Sv. Martin in Tar which is rich with sculptures, in the summer they are many concerts of classical music. This church was extended and restored at the beginning of the 19th century in the memory of the arrival of the pope in the nearby Tarska valley.

Tar and Vabriga are exceptionally peaceful settlements close to the sea and beaches. They offer very attractive real estate like apartments and houses of modern design, land with beautiful sea views, which makes an excellent investment opportunity. Because of its position, Vabriga has developed significantly in the last years and is an ideal place for those who are planning their second home, or for those who want to use the real estate for tourism purposes.