Poreč Realestate

 Poreč is a city on the west coast of Istria, located in the harbor which is protected by the island of Sveti Nikola. The city has 11,000 inhabitants, while the municipality Poreč has 20,000 inhabitants. The Poreč Aquatorium consists of numerous islands stretching from Červar Porat to Funtana. The Poreč region covers the surface of 142 km and stretches along the coast to 37 km, from Novigrad to Funtana.

The city records a history 2000 years ago when the Romans dominated this area. Architectural and cultural heritage can be seen today in Poreč. The main streets of Decumanus and Cardo have received their original names from Roman times. After the fall of the Roman Empire, these various conquerors dominated the terrain. However, the biggest lane was laid by the Byzantine Empire, which at this time extended and reconstructed the basilica in Poreč, named after the Byzantine bishop of Euphrasius, whose revival was a resurrection of Poreč. The basilica is considered the most beautiful monument preserved by the Byzantine culture and was protected by UNESCO.
In the old town, buildings from different periods that were once villas of rich nobles and civil servants, rulers of these areas. Today, the same villas and houses of exceptional historical importance are used as residential buildings. The former Luxurious estate today consists of a large number of apartments and represents residential buildings in the old town. The Romanesque house is one of the most famous houses in the old town dating back to the 13th century.

A walk through the city reveals various balconies, terraces and stone windows that were still built in the Byzantine, Venetian, Napoleonic, Austrian, Italian eras. The whole city is built of stone, and each stone has a history of the past where many cultures and civilizations have passed through. From all historical events, Poreč has become a modern, multicultural city where everyone is welcome.