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The medieval town of Motovun is situated on a hill, above the Mirna valley, at an altitude of 277 m. Motovun with 1,000 inhabitants is located in the heart of Istria, near the major cities of Pazin, Buzet and Buje. The special feature of Motovun is that it is located on a hill that rises from the valley of the river Mirna and offers a fascinating view of the surrounding hills.

The city of Motovun is the best preserved medieval fortress in Istria from prehistoric times and had the status of a citadel after the old medieval system, which is also noted in historical writings of that time. It has kept its authenticity as a medieval town, which is why Motovun is the most unique and attractive city in Istria.

If you walk through the streets, you will see a great number of cultural and historical sights, as well as the main square of Motovun, which is located within the old walls. On the so-called Andrea Antia square is an impressive bell tower next to the church St.Stephen which dates back to the 13th century. In Motovun you will find numerous truffle and wine shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, apartments and rooms with wonderful views of the vineyards and river Mirna.

Gastronomy and tourism in this area have a lot in common. Near Motovun there is the Motovun Forest, where white and black truffles are found. For this reason, the locals in this area are searching for truffles with their well trained dogs, also the locals are renting their property in the old town and surrounding area. Many restaurants offer mainly truffle dishes and famous wines from the Motovun region.

The surrounding villages are offering peace and harmony for those who want to stay away from the city. Contact us if you would like to buy a stone house in the old town, an attractive holiday home or a plot near Motovun in a unique location. We can provide a wide offer of properties in the area of Motovun.

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