Haus zur Renovierung, 50 m vom Meer




Preis/m²:3.122,22 €

Fläche:90,00 m²

Innenfeld:340,00 m²





Energieausweis:Im Prozess

Agenturprovision:3% + MWST

Entfernung vom Meer:50 m

Die Beschreibung

Das Haus ist ein kleines Feriendorf in der Nähe von Novigrad, nur 50 Meter vom Strand entfernt. Es gehört zu ihrem 340 m2. Saubere Titel, 1/1.

Andere Informationen

Andere Informationen

  • Orientierung/ die Ausrichtung: Westen
  • Anzahl der Schlafzimmer: 8
  • Schlafzimmer: 4
  • Strandentfernung: 50 m
  • Entfernung zum Stadtzentrum: 50 m
  • Entfernung vom Meer: 50 m
  • Transportation: Bus
  • Abstand von den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln: 2 min


  • Unmöbliert
  • Gehäuseeinheiten: 2
  • Basisinfrastruktur: Wasser, Senkgrube, Strom


  • Grill


  • Balkon
  • Parkplatz
  • Terrasse
  • Garten


Novigrad Immobilien

 This quiet fishing village is located on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula, only 25 km from the Slovenian-Croatian border. The city has
retained its irresistible charm of the Istrian city, where visitors return for their intimate atmosphere and get away from it all while feeling relaxed and welcoming.

Its recognizable city walls, which are today the symbol of the city, adorn the city and have preserved a rich history, tradition and culture. Novigrad is first mentioned in written documents at the end of the 6th century, in the 7th century as Neapolis and later centuries as Civitas Nova, Emona and Emonia. Evidence of human habitation in this city goes back to prehistory, and remains of ancient Roman villas are still visible today. The city of Novigrad today has a church called St. Pelagija and Maksim, which dates back to earlier Christianity. Inside the church Sv. Pelagijus is a baroque altar under which there is a Romanesque crypt, the only one in Istria and one of the few in Croatia.

Tourism has slowly and surely developed in this small town and today it is the main industry directly dependent on a variety of other activities. This place offers additional facilities such as restaurants with top restaurants, bars, numerous shops, a museum, a marina and much more. If you walk along the coast, listen to the sea and enjoy the wind in the pine trees, your stay will be unique. The countryside is also adorned by many olive growers and winemakers, who win numerous prizes with their quality.

Many visitors are simply thrilled by this little town. Some will consider in the near future that this city can become a second home for you and decide to buy a property. With a variety of apartments in multi-storey buildings of modern architecture, are also apartments under construction, detached, double and terraced houses with stunning sea views and nearby town which is accessible by bike and on foot.

Throughout the year, Novigrad has been declared one of the most desirable and enjoyable places for quality of life, population, economy and entrepreneurship. If you prefer a quiet lifestyle, this typical fishing village is the ideal place to plan your future life.


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